Enlapser API
What is it?
The Enlapser API is for accessing and manipulating image streams for the Enlapser cloud service.
What's an image stream?
An image stream consists of a sequence of pictures (normally photos) that are attached to a precise date.
What's the Enlapser API good for?
The Enlapser API is great for obtaining the full resolution images from the cloud service and for applying image operations to the images. You can also adjust permissions so that different groups of users see a different picture (scaled or cropped, for example) or a different time range.
How can I use it?
You can browse Enlapser streams with our player. You can access the image data with the HTTP API.

Use Frame filters to filter your images eg. add logo, timestamp or crop out unwanted areas. You can then share only the filtered images with the public or a group of people.
What does it cost?
Please send an email to sales@enlapser.com and ask for a quote.
How can I get started?
You can purchase a camera by contacting us at sales@enlapser.com.I f you already have a camera that is accessible from the Internet, you can contact us and we'll help you connect it to Enlapser.
I want to know more!
We're happy to help you. Just send an email to support@enlapser.com or call +358 20 775 6125.
Who is behind this?
Enlapser Oy is a startup in Helsinki/Finland.

We are running RaksakameraByggkameranEhituskaamera and Builder.Cam construction site monitoring services.