Logging in to the Enlapser Cloud platform
In order to access frames that are not public, you must log in to the Enlapser Cloud platform to obtain a cookie and then pass that cookie to all requests to the frame service. The cookie will expire if not used for a couple of weeks and you must then log in again. The cookie is called timespace-1 because Enlapser Cloud is build upon the Timespace Cloud platform.
Curl example command to login
  • curl -d '{ "login_with_password": { "username": "testuser@enlapser.com", "password": "pwd123123"}}' --cookie-jar - --silent https://enlapser.cloud/0/en/user_json
JSON request
"username": "testuser@enlapser.com",
"password": "pwd123123"
Success response
On success, the server will respond with a redirect that can be ignored.

Response header Set-Cookie will contain the cookie that you need:

Location: https://enlapser.cloud/...
Set-Cookie: timespace1-1=123456789_abcdefghijklmnopqrSTUVXYZ
Error response