Frame service
Used to obtain a picture or frame from Enlapser cloud.

For downloading full-res images:<frame_source_id>/en/frame_service

  • frame_source_id - the Object ID of a Frame Source ( will be provided to you by Enlapser Support )
Request method
Request headers
If the frame source is not public, you must log in first to obtain a cookie and then supply that cookie with the request cookie header:

Cookie: timespace1-1=123456789_abcdefghijklmnopqrSTUVXYZ
Query parameters
All parameters are optional. Without parameters the url will return the latest frame.

To get a frame at a given date, use:
  • timestamp=<milliseconds> in UTC since the epoch
To get a frame between two dates, use:
  • start=<milliseconds>
  • end=<milliseconds>
This will return the frame between start and end that is closest to start (inclusive). If start is specified but not end, end will default to the current time.

Normally the frame service may cache the results of a request so that a following request for the same frame is faster. When archiving a frame source, this is not preferred. To indicate that caching should be disabled, use:
  • no_cache=true
This will improve the overall responsiveness of the frame source.
Success response
On success, the server will respond with status code 200. The response body contains the image data.

Example response headers:

Content-Type: image/jpeg
Content-Length: 123456
ETag: eebafc9921cd3edd45f5847dfb6cbe0a
  • <md5 hex digest of image data>
X-Enlapser-Timestamp: 12345678901234
  • timestamp of actually found frame, useful with the start and end query parameters
Error response
403 Forbidden
  • when the client does not have adequate permissions to the frame source or its dependencies

404 Not found
  • when a frame is not found within the given date range (start/end) or at the given date (timestamp) or at all (without parameters)